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Thank you so much for your interest in the Theze Dealz  Church Fundraiser program. The program is designed to assist churches/non-profits with a meaningful fundraiser that pays your organization for shopping at Theze Dealz. 


  Here is how it works:

-Invite your organization to shop at Theze Dealz during your selected day. You will also have the opportunity to fundraise for that entire month.

- Have individuals to mention your organization at checkout.

-The individual will receive a 15% discount off of their order and the organization will receive 15 % of all sales. (Excluding small business items).


-On the selected shopping day, the members of the organization come to shop together and fellowship. The church will receive 20 % of sales and the individuals will receive a 20% discount. (optional)


We will offer light refreshments on the shopping day.


-A check will be given to the organization on the 7th day of the month after their fundraising month has ended.


 Note: Pick a date from the list below. Shopping day options are Saturday mornings at 9 am - 11 am and Sunday afternoons at 2-4pm. 


Check out: 

Use the discount code "Fundraiser" and scroll to in-store pick up. It will be free of charge, but the website requires that we have a number to process it.

Fundraiser (Churches/ Non profits)

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