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Your DealZ - Affiliate Program

Become a Thrifter and Learn from the experts! We will help you sell your thrifting finds to our V.I.P Thrifters Facebook Group.

Image by Tahiti Spears

This is the opportunity that you have been waiting on. This opportunity will allow you to post as many pictures or videos of your gently used or new products. This is available on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays. Posting starts at 9 am and continues for 24 hours.


What can you sell:

-Shoes, purses, accessories

-Men, women, and children's clothing

-New/ used/boutique items


All marketing information will be sent out the Friday before you sell on the Thrifters United Platform. 

The benefits are that you are able to reach new customers who currently shop at Theze Dealz and are ready to support other small businesses for only $25.00. 

Your DealZ - Affiliate Program

What you will do:

  • Send pictures of some of the products 3 days prior to your sell date. For example, Pictures are due by Friday for Sunday, Saturday for Tuesday, and Wednesday for Saturday posting. Email pictures to

  • Invite your friends and family to Thrifters United (Theze Dealz) to shop your closet.

  • Post the pictures of the items that you will be selling under the sales post.

  • Answer any questions of the potential seller

  • Send invoices and ship the items.

What we will do:

  • We will create 2 posts in our group and business page to invite people to shop your closet.

  • We will give you access to post in the group the week of your sale so that you can gain interest on who would be interested in what you are selling.

  • We will make a post on Sunday at 9 am or Tuesday at 9 am that will allow you to post all of your pictures under the sales post or you can post 15 minute prerecorded videos of your items.

How is it beneficial to you:

  • We have created a platform that has almost 2000 buyers across the United States.

  • We have already created the customer base.

  • You don't have to worry about the daunting task of getting in front of people on camera and talking.

  • This is perfect for anyone that would like to make some extra cash.

Things to consider:

  • How will you send invoices? It is recommended that you use PayPal or cash app.

  • How will you keep up with your inventory and who buys what items?

  • How will you handle shipping? It is recommended that you use a platform such as shopify for reduced shipping cost especially if you would like to do this on an ongoing basis.

  • How will you take quality pictures? Maybe you will model the items or have them on a flat surface. It is so important to take quality pictures.

  • How to check the quality of your items? We know that items are gently used, but make sure they are free of holes, stains, pet hair, cigarette smoke. We are allowing people to sell on our platform and although we are not directly selling, we expect everyone to uphold the standard that if you wouldn't want to buy it then most likely someone else wouldn't either.

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