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Up Close & Personal

TheZe DealZ is owned and ran by a brave & vivacious owner, Zontaye Richardson, who uses her love for community, customer service, and of course, thrifting, to make a difference in the lives of every customer. 

Zontaye M. Richardson

Founder & Owner

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TheZe DealZ is not only a store that sells clothing, but it is a gathering place for the West Dayton community. She has assisted over 100 small business owners with an opportunity to showcase their products.


As the host of weekly live thrifting shows, Zontaye highlights her hilarious take on clothing, thrifting and life through various platforms as well as her Facebook Group - Thrifters United." Zontaye is also the author of  "It’s More than Clothing: The story of a Dreamer and her Faith

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It’s More than Clothing

It’s More than Clothing is the story of how one woman combined her faith with mental fortitude and became an entrepreneur. This book, part memoir, part journal, includes tips for business owners that will help you activate your faith and pursue your dreams.

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