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TheZe DealZ Marketing Package

Marketing assistance for those thrifters who are not good at marketing or don't have the time to market.


Advertise your business to Theze Dealz customers via our email list (2800 customers and growing daily), Active private Facebook group (2000 customers), and Instagram (2000 local customers). Theze Dealz customers are second to none. They love to support businesses, so let us share your business with our local audience. 


    It is only $25.00 for your business to be featured on the following:

  • 3 postings in our Facebook group over the course of a week

  • 1 email sent with 1-2 product pictures with your contact information as our Featured Business for the week

  • 1 instagram post/ story


All marketing information will be sent out the Friday before you vend at Theze Dealz.

The benefits are that you are able to reach new customers who currently shop at Theze Dealz and are ready to support other small businesses for only $25.00. 

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